At RMH Plastering we have skilled applicators with many years of experience to help advise you on the correct external system needed for your property.  From traditional rendering methods through to modern systems its important to select the correct specification for a property.  Using state of the art spray machinery, your property will receive the most efficient application in a fraction of time.  Rendering will not only protect against damp & water ingress, insulation values will be greatly enhanced too, as well as aesthetically giving a property some serious kerb appeal!  Add to that the fact that current energy prices are at all time highs,  improving external and internal wall rendering & plastering will create a warmer protected home and potentially save considerable sums for your future bills. 

Silicone thin coat render system

Silicone thin coat is a highly durable, flexible and self cleaning render.  It can be used as the finish over a basecoat render, as the finish to an external wall insulation system, or can even be used to revitalize tired looking walls if the substrate is stable enough.  It has excellent adhesion, breathability, flexibility and colour retention.

Lime Plastering and Rendering

When working upon older properties many damp issues that we've seen over the years has been mainly because incorrect materials and working practices have been used.  Trapping moisture in the walls when the best thing to do is to allow the property to breathe.  We have seen all the fads and empty promises that have come and gone and know how to remedy many problems.

Often the solution will be the installation of a lime render/plaster,  but with careful consideration to select the appropriate type and form of lime.  Lime has qualities that other products can never achieve. It is a breathable, flexible, vapour permeable material allowing moisture to travel instead of stacking up.  It is highly eco friendly due to its raw production and can be highly insulating as well as many other benefits. The correct installation of lime is the solution to many a problem.  For more information feel free to get in touch.